Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking of getting teeth whitening treatment but want to know more before you go? Our Tomball dentist explains what teeth whitening treatments are and what the procedure involves. For years, our dentist near you has served residents of Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball Town Center, Vintage Park, Magnolia, 77070 and the surrounding areas.

Why Get Teeth Whitening in Tomball?

Professional teeth whitening at a dental office helps remove stubborn stains and internal discoloration on your teeth. We can help you get results that no home whitening kit can guarantee. A trained dentist is able to use more effective and stronger whitening products compared to over-the-counter options. We exercise all precautions to keep your gums, lips, and tongue safe from the effects of dental bleach.

The secret to getting an aesthetic smile is not opting for excessively white teeth. We strongly advise patients to choose a natural and pleasing color to enhance your smile.

How to Prepare Before a Teeth Whitening Procedure

Before coming in for teeth whitening treatment, please visit your dentist in Tomball, TX, for a full oral checkup. If you need treatment for periodontal disease or a root canal, we recommend getting these done before getting teeth whitening. We will also check your teeth for the kind of stains to remove.

While food and drink stains are easily removable, discolorations caused due to medications and diseases may require more intense procedures. Those who have sensitive teeth may like to use a special toothpaste for a few days before treatment. Teeth whitening may result in heightened sensitivity for a couple of days.

We may also recommend a full cleaning. A thorough dental cleaning helps eliminate plaque, tartar, and calculus that may interfere with the effects of teeth whitening treatment.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening Near Me?

The dentist will use a lip retractor and a rubber dam for protection before beginning the procedure. We will then use a brush to paint the gel or liquid bleach onto the teeth surfaces. The dentist uses a special curing light to activate the bleach. The light will turn itself off automatically once the bleach has done its work.

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